Igor Moritz

April, 2021

Oil on linen, 51×40,5 cm

Daffodils, grapes and wooden horse, 2021

Oil on linen, 47×71 cm

Haggerston Blossoms, 2021

Oil on linen, 140×90 cm

The Deffodil Picker, 2021

Oil on linen, 140×90 cm

Jessica’s Scarf, 2021

Coloured pencil on paper, 42×58 cm

Jessica’s Scarf, 2021

Oil on linen, 140×90 cm

Longer Days Ahead, 2021

Oil on linen, 140×90 cm

Orange Carpet, 2021

Coloured pencil and oil paint on paper, 42×58 cm

She Lays on woven Dragons, 2021

Oil on linen, 90×140 cm

Still life with Daffodils, 2021

Coloured pencil and oil paint on paper, 59×42 cm
  • Born in 1996 in Poland, he is a Self-taught painter, currently living and working in London, UK
  • 2015-2019 BA (Hons) Industrial Design, Bournemouth University (First Class)
  • 2011-2015 The Norwid Secondary School of Fine Arts in Lublin
Solo exhibitions
  • 2021 Daffodils, grapes, and wooden horses, A.MORE gallery, Milan, Italy
  • 2021 Roses and Castles [online], Thierry Goldberg Gallery, New York, USA
  • 2020 Wiosna 2020, Nil Gallery Paris, Paris, France
  • 2019 Figures, Unisex Gallery, Montreal, Canada
Group exhibitions
  • 2020 Antisocial Isolation, Saatchi Gallery, London, England
  • 2020 Nudes & Dudes, Lundgren Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • 2019 Delphian X Guts, Guts Gallery, London, England
  • 2019 A Long Way from Home, Delphian Gallery, London, England
  • 2019 Looking at You, Gedney Common, London, England
  • 2018 Contemporary Visions 8, Beers London, England
  • 2018 Delphian Gallery Open Call, Delphian Gallery, London, England
  • 2017 75 works on paper, Beers London, London, England
Art Fairs
  • 2020 London Art Fair 2020, Violets are Blue Gallery, London, England
  • 2020 SWAB, Granada Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2019  Pulse Art Fair Miami, Nil Gallery Paris, Miami, USA
  • 2019 Seattle Art Fair, Nil Gallery Paris, Seattle, USA
  • 2019 Sydney Contemporary, Nil Gallery Paris, Sydney, Australia
Awards and Residencies
  • 2020 Nil Gallery Residency, Paris, France
  • 2018 Studio Kura, Itoshima, Japan
  • 2018 Tryfon Art Residency, Molyvos, Greece
  • 2018 La Pizzeria, Berlin, Germany
  • 2018 Contemporary Visions 8, Beers London, England
  • 2018 Delphian Gallery Open Call, Delphian Gallery, London, England

Daffodils, grapes, and wooden horses - Opening 5th May 2021 - Visits are by appointment only.

Igor Moritz – Daffodils, grapes and wooden horses


A.MORE Gallery is pleased to present “Daffodils, grapes and wooden horses” the first solo show in Italy of the young artist of polish origin and resident in England, Igor Moritz (1996), with a critical text written by Domenico de Chirico.

The silence as first word or as word before word is what clearly resonates from the tangles of color made by Igor Moritz. It is a fleshy silence that lives in and out of the line, inside the eyes of the character represented, inside and outside their mouth till whispering hums outside the canvas. A silence not as result of shut down, but a powerfull silence that through the not said, actually say something, and mention the depth of everyday sensations.  A “signifing silence” as the french philosopher and psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan would say as opposition to the word intended as “obituary of thought” according to the sayng “disheyelled” by the polish writer Stanisław Jerzy Lec.

An “unsaind” made possible by the cromatic gesture where the painting act prevails and dominates. For Moritz is like as if the word is loaded with color, like as if there is a gradient continuity between the language of those he has depicted, the air around them, the enviroment that surrounds them, the unspoken words from that language, everything is filled with significance and everything is eloquently in its pause.

The portraits by Igor Moritz flirt with mimesis, play with perspective, the color scheme and the shape, making turbolent and vivid the human emotions: every particle is been shaken. This way of observing and donate the reality is a real path to unicity. A unique and unrepeatable moment is consumed before our eyes, the final aesthetic result, by the artist vision of an event, is given in the unmistakable fullness of that specific silence, and not of another.

The table that supports the same daffodils, grapes and wooden horses, wouldn’t be the same is depicted in another time, because his silence would recall different variants and different dynamic.

Moritz uses masterfully the color, he transforms the space by altering its prespective and proportion by altering the figures, which are visibly loaded with silent pathos, in order to show that visceral and tumultuous harmony that elapses between their hearing and the wisper unique chorus of the surrounding word.