Aires de Gameiro

Head, 2022

oil on canvas wood framed, 42,5×32,5 cm

Weekends in, 2022

oil on canvas wood framed, 42,5×32,5 cm

Blinds down, 2022

oil on canvas wood framed, 42,5×32,5 cm

Can they see us?, 2022

oil on canvas wood framed, 42,5×32,5 cm

I sent you somethin’, 2022

oil on canvas wood framed, 42,5×32,5 cm

Like that, 2022

oil on canvas wood framed, 42,5×32,5 cm

Shy Amsterdam, 2022

oil on canvas wood framed, 42,5×32,5 cm

Summer of ’22, 2022

oil on canvas wood framed, 42,5×32,5 cm

French green, 2022

oil on cardboard, styrofoam and wood , 85x97x45 cm

Trauma, 2022

acrylic lac on styrofoam , 91x77x42 cm
  • Born in Lisbon in 1989, lives and works between Frankfurt am Main and Lisbon.
  • 2022 (ongoing) Städelschule – Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • 2013  BA in Painting at Fine Arts School, Lisbon
  • 2011 Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia (Exchange Program)

  • Traum oder Trauma?, Solo Show, A.MORE gallery, Milan
  • Vorrei poter restare ma non voglio, Solo show, G10, Germany


  • Só uma batota por jogo, Solo show, Balcony Gallery, Lisbon
  • Rundgang. Städelschule. Frankfurt am Main
  • All of the above, Group show, Lehmann + Silva, Porto


  • -Apofenia, Reação em Cadeira Group show, Fidelidade Arte, Lisbon


  • LASH 23, Group show, Kunstverein Wiesbaden, (Germany)
  • SWAB Art Fair, Barcelona
  • Síntese Ativa, group show, Forum Arte Braga, Braga
  • Mauro Mattei Art Trust Acquisition Prize 2019 (Solo show), Milano
  • The Path Finders, Group show, Milano e Lisbon
  • There’s a Horse in the Backyard, Group show, Lisbon
  • Lightbox “Views”, Group show, FOCO, Lisbon
  • The Theory of Clouds, Group show, Spazio Buonasera, Turin
  • PULAU, Group show, Lisbon
  • Cabinet of Curiosities, Group show at The SwItch Gallery, Lisbon


  • Splash, Group show at The Switch Gallery, Lisbon
  • Kinema, Solo show, Las Palmas, Lisbon
  • SWAB Art Fair,  Barcelona
  • Nome do Meio, Group show, Moradia, Algés
  • Locus19, Group show, Stefanie Pullin Studio, Lisbon
  • Vestígios, Group show, BangBang Gallery, Lisbon


  • Audacious, Group show, The Switch Gallery, Lisbon
  • Parallax, Solo show, The Switch Gallery, Lisbon
  • Emplacement, Solo show, Foco Gallery, Lisbon
Works in collections
  • Mauro Mattei Art Trust Collection
  • Fernando Figueiredo Ribeiro

Traum oder Trauma? - Opening 27th October 2022

Aires de Gameiro – Traum oder Trauma?


Opening October 27th 2022 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

October 27 – December 19, 2022
Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00 am-2:00 pm, Thursday  3:00-7:00 pm, Friday 10:00 am-7:00 pm

A.MORE gallery has pleasure in announcing ‘Traum oder Trauma?’, the first one-man show in Italy of the young Portuguese artist Aires de Gameiro (1989, Lisbon), curated by Domenico de Chirico. Aires de Gameiro currently lives and works between Lisbon and Frankfurt am Main, where he studies at the university institution Städelschule – Hochschule für Bildende Künste-Städelschule.

Generally speaking, in his work, Aires de Gameiro often challenges the delicate question of the hierarchy usually applied to painting, sculpture and drawing, artistic mediums that have always been considered some of the leading expressive devices in the history of art from time immemorial. By focusing on the end purpose of the work of art, i.e. linked to the so-called exhibition stage, de Gameiro favours his structural approach so that he can respond better to the questions that have always disputed his artistic path, giving rise to itineraries on the question of the limits imposed by the canvas, sheet of paper and three-dimensional space, typical of the sculptural dimension. But what happens when the above-mentioned trio blends harmoniously creating a single, new and original stylistic register? In other words, could the question certainly be asked simply changing it to “Traum oder Trauma?” hence the title of the exhibition? This is an antithetic play on words in German, corresponding respectively to dream or trauma in English, which rumour a love story, not just relating to the three elements in question but also the more authentic one between a boy and a girl. Thus, an exhibition path unwinds that is both simple and complicated, with a syntax full of digressions and allusions and whose essence can visibly be seen to be chromatically bright and glaring. This aspect, linked to the universe of colours, is extremely important in de Gameiro’s work because, living an intermediate situation between painting, drawing and sculpture, it enables him to use both pleasing, natural and chemical, artificial shades, with glossy, gaudy, sometimes violent, features which, together, contribute to accentuating shapes, frills and patterns that fluidly give a singular mark to all his works, starting from a stage of purity presented as immune from all clichés. Could it be that “Traum oder Trauma?” is an attempt to mould a new present whose aesthetics are clearly defined through specific shapes and colours which, nevertheless, are spontaneously generated by the artist’s imaginative subconscious? And this is how, starting from the drawing, Aires de Gameiro combines painting with sculptural elements that extend beyond the borders of the ordinary. These assembled shapes, which never consider the surrounding space in its most standard meaning, seem to be childish, atavistic or abstract memories that, by interweaving, face all adversities simultaneously and in unison, staying constantly in limbo between anxiety and wonder. de Gameiro tests all these impressions, with no effort, thus creating these playful, coloured, highly abstract or slightly geometric, because of their seeming randomness, works that live a situation of enviable impartiality regardless of the space-time co-ordinates and which vanquish every type of clear distinction between painting, sculpture and drawing. Aires de Gameiro’s head-in-the-clouds-like Weltanschauung, both creative and gnoseological, quite close to the naturalistic sensitivity theorised by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in Theory of Colours, which firmly opposes whatever most abominable exists in the world.